The Rain in Spain....

falls mainly.....

In this case from the back of a huge Caterpillar Tanker truck and pretty much entirely on top of a model sporting the latest foul weather gear. Little did he know he was the first to field test how waterproof it was (it was). Not a job for a fisheye lens this one. My assistant had to keep moving as the mud reached ankle height and the Elinchrom Ranger flash kit proved some of its claims to work happily whilst standing in a pool of mud.

The shoot was for Caterpillar work wear and features lots of big toys. The location was Southern Spain chosen because of the beautiful sun (icy wind and sleet here in Manchester at the time) and the availability of countless monster vehicles at our disposal. It's great to be able to say "I need something big with 3 meter high tires for this shot" and moments later one turns up with a driver willing to take it anywhere or make tracks in the dirt to order.

Tapas and beer in the sun whilst the studio in Manchester shivers in a March cold snap are just the icing on the cake.

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  1. That looks lots of fun! I didn't know you had power to command such big rigs at a shoot! I want one at my next jewelry shoot! heehee