The Glass Menagerie

Brenda Blethyn was kind enough to let us use her office in London to get this shot of her for the pre-publicity for the Royal Exchange Theatre production of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams. It's a shame I don't have a 'behind the scenes' shot for this image as it would make an amusing picture.

Poor Brenda had to perch on an occasional table in the corner, sandwiched between a filing cabinet and kitchen whilst my assistant raided her broom cupboard for sticks on which to hang the 'glass menagerie'. Meanwhile the marketing officer is busy trying not to drop the delicate glass pieces, whilst attaching them to fishing line and various broom sticks, and I am trying to light the corner with whatever lighting we had been able to carry on the train. How we managed to to come away without any breakages or injury I don't know but I think it was worth the effort. Brenda Blethyn was a delight to work with.

The production was a joy to photograph as well.

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