The Tempest by William Shakespeare

School never really introduced me to the works of William Shakespeare and if they had it probably wouldn't have made much of an impact. My first introduction was a Royal Exchange Theatre production some years ago and I have grown to love them all.

There is an interesting difference between seeing a play as part of the audience and photographing it. To photograph it means allowing yourself to settle into the rhythm, to get a feel for the action, and to some extent get into the head of the director. This is essential to capture as much of the action and intimate moments as possible. The plot and dialogue have to take a mental back seat and are sometimes missed but this does not diminish the experience, just changes it. I like to think it changes into a more cerebral experience. A synopsis by the press officer will help fill in the gaps, left by my education and my concentration on the job in hand, but does feel a bit like cheating. Like copying the cover notes for a school essay.

The pressure to deliver is also on when someone like Pete Postlethwaite is in the cast but as ever he delivered a great performance and made my life easy.

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