One of my favourite images from yesterday's @rxtheatre production shoot. The Rolling Stone tackles head on the subject of a gay relationship in Uganda. It does so with some great, powerful and humorous writing and beautiful acting. I would recommend it. World Premiere of The Rolling Stone written by Chris Urch, Directed by Ellen McDougall. Cast: Fiston Barek, Robert Gilbert, Sule Rimi, Ony Uhiara, Faith Omole, Donna Berlin. “Dembe and Sam have been seeing each other for a while. They should be wondering where this is going and when to introduce each other to their families. But they're gay and this is Uganda. The consequences of their relationship being discovered will be violent and explosive. Especially for Dembe, whose brother goes into the pulpit each week to denounce the evils of one man loving another.” #TheRollingStone #RoyalExchangeTheatre #ProductionPhotography #Theatre #Acting #JKP #Premiere @RoyalExchangeTheatre #Manchester #MCRuk

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