‘Puck’ Shot (I think) for @ContactMcr production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, many years ago. A Type 59 Polaroid Dye Transfer, a technique I used on a few jobs to give a painterly, ethereal quality to the finished artwork. Just right for a portrait of Puck I thought. I found this whilst rooting through some old framed prints The process is always a bit hit and miss but that was part of the joy of the process, and being quick (after all it’s based on nothing more than a sheet of Polaroid, some warm water and fine art paper, a roller and a few minutes patience) meant once you had a print that you are happy with you’d done. I posted this as there’s lots of interest in analogue techniques right now and it’s nice to give an old picture a fresh airing. #Polaroid #Theatre #AMidsummerNightsDream #Shakespeare #AnaloguePhotography #JKP #ContactTheatre

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