We got a lot of good press for this relatively small production of Robert Holman's Jonah and Otto at Royal Exchange Studio. It helps when you have the ruler of the Universe (or Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars) to command the critics attention but most importantly you need fabulous acting, a great set and an 'achingly beautiful new play' as the Guardian writer Lyn Gardner put it. I still must admit to a bit of a buzz from meeting Ian McDiarmid though.

A Taste of Honey

Google the Smiths and it won't take you long before you come across a picture of the band outside the Salford Lads Club. Stephen Wright’s photograph was taken 24 years ago. In it, the four members of the band are seen outside the Club and was used for the inside of the album The Queen is Dead in 1985.

A Taste of Honey, By Shelagh Delaney, is set around this location and is a play that Morrissey is reportedly a fan of. I'll add myself to that list. The inspiration for this photograph is therefor obvious and the foreboding rain clouds and circling scallies on mountain bikes set the scene well. Sally Lindsay and Jodie McNee looked right at home and made my job easy. The weather was also co-operative and waited until about 5 second after I shot my last frame before it poured it down. Luckily for us one of the Club officials was passing and proceeded to give us a guided tour of the wonderful building. One room has the walls covered with hundreds photographs of Smiths fans who have visited from all over the world to take their picture outside the gates. I can now proudly say that our photograph has been added to the collection (but I'm guessing not as prominently as Stephen's classic).