A Cure for Winter Blues

When it's dark already and the rain is battering off the windows what I think we all need is a joyful photograph to lift your spirits.

I have just finished sorting the front of house shots for The Royal Exchange Theatre production of 'You Can't Take It With You'. I think this will fit the bill for cheering up the winter blues.


I got an email today from America. It's the sort I like. 

A publishing house is producing a reference book about the first decade of 21st Century Drama. Weighty stuff.

They have picked out an image of mine, shot for the Royal Exchange Theatre for their production of On the Shore of the Wide World. I've always found this a powerful image so I'm very pleased this has been pick up. For myself and for the theatre, director, writer and actors involved it's great for the play to have been recognised as important. I like to think that access to good production photographs has helped in some way.

It's also nice to have been asked what the cost for use will be… It's amazing how often this is omitted from first contact by a publisher.