A Walk in Wales

I finally managed to reunite my lost Canon G11 with it's lost battery charger last week. It's a long and boring story which centres on the video shooting requirements of a bunch of teenagers and subsequent not-lost-just-can't-find-it conversations. A replacement charger came from Hong Kong and fingertip search of the house turned up the camera. Which meant I once again had a quality and portable camera to always have to hand.

This meant that I had something with me on a great little walk in the Welsh mountains at the weekend. Some of the offending teenagers were force marched around the same walk which gave the whole thing a sort of satisfying completeness.



Last week the lovely Victoria Elliott came by the studio to update her Spotlight pictures. Now the last time we met she looked more like this:

I guess that's acting for you.

I do a few of these shoots a year. They are a lovely way to get behind the public face of the actor which despite the fact they are a sort of glorified passport picture it is still possible to try out techniques whilst sharing a coffee and chat.

This time I decided to make use of my north-light window in the studio and shoot with available, natural light. I should use it more often as it is such a classic and beautiful light. Judge for yourself.

It was noticed that I seem to have spent a lot of time with Vicky on this shoot. I can assure you that this had absolutely nothing to do with her gorgeous NE accent. Pure professionalism on my part..


Skaters #4

Although the project is about the faces of skaters it's also about the details and spaces that form a backdrop to their lives. Here's the first.


Skaters #3

Couldn't resist doing a few abstract details whilst photographing the interior of a skate park this morning.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Oberon

Filter Theatre Company are at the Royal Exchange Theatre with their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

There were times I struggled to keep the camera steady as I laughed. You get the idea.


Skaters #2

Things are moving on for Skaters. If you'll allow me the rubbish pun.

I am recruiting faces for the portrait section but I had a great time this afternoon starting the supporting photography to the project.

I got fascinated by the way their shoes get totally wrecked, seemingly in no time at all, by the process of riding and practicing tricks. An antiques salesman would call it patina but these things are beyond use, other than they make a fascinating still life subject. So today I set myself the task of shooting one to establish an approach for others in the project.

And here's the result

So who else out there has a spectacularly knackered pair of skateboard shoes they don't mind bringing in?

Contact me, email is best: skaters@jkphotography.com

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