The search for belly models #2

In an interesting twist a fellow photographer, AoP member and Tweeter contacted me having seen my Tweet. It was a with a link to their site for belly dancers.


Now there's a resource I hadn't thought of. So now we have a great mix of tweeters, models and a belly dancers.

Client has decided to do a short shoot Friday with a couple of people then do more on Monday 18th so if anyone has come to this late there's still time to get in.

This is usual for this kind of thing...rush...now...rush..oh...hang on we need time to figure out a few things...suddenly there is time to organise after all.

We've toughened up the entry now as we are getting spoilt for choice. Everyone must send a photograph. Nothing fancy, just a pic off your phone is fine. For the other criteria see my post from earlier today.

Thanks to everyone who's been in touch so far. Amazing.

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