Bunch of sightseers listening to a guide. #Minoan #Palace of #Knossos If honest I'd say that despite the heat it left me a little cold. Seemed over restored, distracting from any of the original features; the best of which are now in Heraklion #Ηράκλειο anyway. If you have limited time try Heraklion Archaeological Museum which is supposed to be great, but that will depend how you best soak up your culture. I just couldn't quite feel the ancientness of it all, but that could just be how it is when trying to imagine a place when you're too hot and amongst too many people, all looking overwhelmed, with bewildered or bored looking kids everywhere. That said you'd be daft not to make the effort if possible, as Heraklion isn't far and having placed your feet in the soil could give fresh context to the wonders in the museum. #archaeology #Tourism #Crete #Greece #Minoan #JKP

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